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About the Artist

Although I’ve drawn all of my life and have a degree in Fine Art, the real source of my art I discovered while hitchhiking across the United States years ago.  The journey started then, but continues today as  I try to share it though the images that I draw, the songs that I’ve penned, as well as the stories of personal experiences along the way that I’ve written.

About the Art

Over the years  I’ve done a special drawing each year at Christmas time for friends, family members and others I’ve met along my journey.  I think of my card as a mini-Christmas present.

Hundreds of my cards have been sent out since the beginning and the circle of recipients continues to grow every year.  I found that many people were collecting and framing them, so I decided on a standard 5” x 7” card size to accommodate.  After much urging of friends and family, I’ve decided to make my cards available through this website.

About the Cards

In recent years I’ve turned my attention to children as a never ending and constantly renewing source of inspiration. I admire their innocence and fresh and honest way of viewing life. So that you may know a little about what or who inspired me, I have tried to include a short description along side each one of the cards. I hope you enjoy sharing both the card and the story with your friends and family as much as I do...

            Tom Stalmach


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